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Seriously speaking for the past few days i have been thinking on what to post. But i can’t even think of anything even now… I’ll just type whatever comes to my mind right now then.

Its been such a long time since i actually tune in to any local radio stations. And when i did , Just realized that Shan Wee from 98.7fm has already left the radio station to be with his wife in indonesia. (Shan and rozz) and also the muttons are probably the best radio partners which makes them interesting to listen to. Since Shan has left , now rozz will be looking for a new partner in which 98.7 created this contest in search of rozz new partner called Manhunt. Its pretty interesting. Today is the last day of the man hunt!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

I’ll continue my post tonight! byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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Awesome videos !

Hey everyone! Finally i got the mood to do up a post ! haha. kinda lazy for the couple of days , but one thing caught me by surprise was that i had 50 over views when i didn’t post anything !! how good is that!   For today , i’ll just share with you some amazing videos that i browsed throughout this couple of days. Selected those that are worth watching , so do spare sometime to watch it.

Once again , i found all this videos by stumbling !


( This guys impersonation of morgan freeman is freaking awesome ! Also rocky balboa! )

( Street art! )

( Amazing slide!! )

( This is one funny prank ! should try it sometime soon hahahaha! )

( street magic )

( amazing spray artist )

( Humor at the airport! )

( Its funny to know , how true this can be ! )

( funny racoon )

( this guy must have been super bored or something , but nevertheless it is still amazing )

( Bubble magic !! )

Well hope you guys enjoy this videos that i upload! will post again real soon! I need more inspiration for a good post haha!

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Every little difference makes a big difference.

Hating on your own family? not satisfied with your own family? Not having enough freedom? That was what i always have in mind , even up to this day. Not the freedom part , but perhaps not being exactly happy. But i still thank god for this family and everything they gave me. If you think you are really unfortunate to have strict parents who controls everything you do , what about those who don’t even have parents? Those who yearns for parental love so much , that they could give up anything just for someone to care for them. This is how i often remind myself again and again , how blessed i am to have a family who cares for me. Probably just that we think differently and communicate in a different way. Other than that i have no complains haha! Was browsing through youtube when i saw this video “world strictest parents”. And there was this singapore version of it. Tried to find the singapore version quite sometime ago but couldn’t , ahh well they uploaded it already anyway. haha.  After watching the video , i could see some change in the kids.

For example , how they slowly tried to fit in to the family , trying to obey the rules as time goes by and even saying they are sorry when they have done wrong. I always believe in chances , like how my friends and families chose not to give up on me , despite my mistakes time and time again. Some of my friends did gave up on me , but i really wish they would give me that last chance to make it up to them for all the mistakes i’ve done to disappoint them. Which is also why , i try to forgive people around me , since i have been given chances before anyway. Why discriminate them ? Why not give them a helping hand , lifting them up from where they fell. Sometimes we get too influenced by what is happening around us , that we tend to overlook those who are suffering in silence. Those people who don’t complain about the hardships they go through , but instead use this hardships as a motivation to push them through in life.

Here’s the video of the “world strictest parents”

By the way , you should check this video out as well , its called Kony 2012. Its spreading quite fast on facebook now. Do spare some of your time to watch it. How other kids in different countries , suffer so much more than us. Living in fear of being killed and kidnapped. fortunately , some heroes from the US have decided to help them and fight for their freedom with the Power of the people and Voice of the people.

“Be the change you want to see”

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Puss in boots!!!

Well well , as promised. I’ve uploaded the video on youtube. Stayed up throughout the night to upload it! For all kitten lovers!!  Tittle ( Puss In Boots – The three diablos )

Its cute and funny!

Enjoy the video! Goodnight !!

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Its been a pretty hectic week last week hahaha , been trying to rack my brains with my friends about things. I’ll be uploading a post after this which is pretty cute! Before that let me share one video that i felt it was quite creative. Just overlook the naked parts and you can see something creative that this person have came up with!

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For those who are awake.

Up late trying to finish unsettled work and stuff.  Having a slight headache. I’ll get a relaxing smoke break after this post. For those who are still up late for whatever reasons , shall share some songs with you to relax yourself or even for those who are trying to sleep. Just some slow music , don’t expect some rock band shit…

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Flying Kites

Afew photos from kite flying yesterday with alfred and qijin at marina barrage (if its spelled correctly). Which is also the first time i flew a kite.

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