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Whats on my mind..

I’m back!! haha. I did promise that i will do up a post yesterday but couldn’t find the time and the inspiration. Here i am now doing up a post now! Just got back from zirca/rebel with the guys and their other friends. What a hectic night! Didn’t drink much , so here i am […]


Seriously speaking for the past few days i have been thinking on what to post. But i can’t even think of anything even now… I’ll just type whatever comes to my mind right now then. Its been such a long time since i actually tune in to any local radio stations. And when i did […]

Awesome videos !

Hey everyone! Finally i got the mood to do up a post ! haha. kinda lazy for the couple of days , but one thing caught me by surprise was that i had 50 over views when i didn’t post anything !! how good is that! ¬† For today , i’ll just share with you […]

Every little difference makes a big difference.

Hating on your own family? not satisfied with your own family? Not having enough freedom? That was what i always have in mind , even up to this day. Not the freedom part , but perhaps not being exactly happy. But i still thank god for this family and everything they gave me. If you […]

Puss in boots!!!

Well well , as promised. I’ve uploaded the video on youtube. Stayed up throughout the night to upload it! For all kitten lovers!! ¬†Tittle ( Puss In Boots – The three diablos ) Its cute and funny! Enjoy the video! Goodnight !!


Its been a pretty hectic week last week hahaha , been trying to rack my brains with my friends about things. I’ll be uploading a post after this which is pretty cute! Before that let me share one video that i felt it was quite creative. Just overlook the naked parts and you can see […]