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Skrillex was introduced by my friend zhiying. Didn’t hear much of his song  at first but i do find it not too bad now. But i just love the way he put off the black style clothing! something which i like as well. haha. Some hate it , some love it. This is dubstep for […]

ShiSha smoking!

Shisha , something that almost all the smokers has tried. But personal preference i still prefer cigarettes to shisha. So , the already obvious that shisha is more harmful comparing to normal cigarettes. I have found this web which explains to you all the details about it. You can check it out at this link. […]

Flying Kites

Afew photos from kite flying yesterday with alfred and qijin at marina barrage (if its spelled correctly). Which is also the first time i flew a kite.

Cowboy Henk

Well Well just a quick post of some Comic pictures that i found rather hilarious. I’ll be doing up another post soon. For more of the Cowboy Henk comics you can google it!