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Whats on my mind..

I’m back!! haha. I did promise that i will do up a post yesterday but couldn’t find the time and the inspiration. Here i am now doing up a post now! Just got back from zirca/rebel with the guys and their other friends. What a hectic night! Didn’t drink much , so here i am typing out a post all sober ! KUDOS ! Its kinda contradicting that i always tell myself in the past never to club and stuff like that.

I would say it isn’t that bad after all , the music , environment etc … You just have to find the right company to go with. Funny part is that you will always see all kinds of people hanging around when they are drunk. Dramas everywhere!

Saw one guy today dead drunk lying in his own puke and worst part is that his friends are no where to be found. That poor guy was all alone sleeping on the floor. I’m pretty sure he didn’t come alone , guess his “friends” were to busy partying that they decided not to give a shit about him. Don’t really call those kind of people friends though. Totally bullshit. To think some guys would also lay hands on their female friends when they are drunk as well. DOUCHEBAGS. seriously.

Comparing with what i saw today and that night at zouk.. i would say that the one at zouk i saw was pretty much worst. Wasn’t too sure what RACE was that guy but he was lying in a bush not too far away from zouk butt naked. Jeans pulled down at knee length. At that point of time it was kinda funny when i saw it! And i admit to videoing it down! hahahaha! couldn’t help it ! well my guess was that , the guy was peeing at the bush halfway when he got knocked out. Therefore lying halfbutt naked in the bush!

Overall clubbing is still pretty enjoyable!

Ok .. apart from night life. And so i’ve seen couple of people talking about the video Kony 2012 . I did post about it earlier but somehow i can’t seem to understand why some people are criticizing  about that video and even saying that those guys were just using this chance to be famous.

I just feel that we should at least give some encouragement to those guys who even bother to help those kids while we first world people are just sitting back and enjoying life every single moment. Those kids have nothing to hope even living in fear every now and then being afraid of getting kidnapped or even worrying about whether they would have sufficient food to eat.

My point is that , if you can’t even do what those guys do , or even something greater like that why criticize them. Its not easy planning all this and even starting from nothing to build up the foundation of the invisible children to what it is today. Those people were even so glad that those guys came and helped them out , by assisting and creating jobs. I’m sure those guys who started this have touched so many people in that country.

I know everyone has their own point of view and i’m just simply stating mine. Not saying that i’m absolutely right or who is wrong and so on.  At the end of the day , we all should just try to help those less fortunate with what little we can spare to them. Even if its buying tissues from old folks. It may be just 1 dollar but i’m sure that one dollar would mean so much to them , then it is to us. I remember seeing someone who looks like xiaxue recently near far east , purchasing some tissues from a old lady or something. Not too sure whether its xiaxue though. But i’m pretty sure it was , if i didn’t see wrongly. Its quite nice to see (well known) people even helping out the less fortunate.

I shall end this post with a couple of pretty good dancers around the world. How i wish i could dance like them! Not easy! Anyway i’m just a couple of days away from 1month on wordpress. I would like just to say a BIG THANK YOU to all my viewers and etc. Hope you guys did enjoy my reading my wordpress.



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