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For those who are awake.

Up late trying to finish unsettled work and stuff.  Having a slight headache. I’ll get a relaxing smoke break after this post. For those who are still up late for whatever reasons , shall share some songs with you to relax yourself or even for those who are trying to sleep. Just some slow music […]

Flying Kites

Afew photos from kite flying yesterday with alfred and qijin at marina barrage (if its spelled correctly). Which is also the first time i flew a kite.

Cowboy Henk

Well Well just a quick post of some Comic pictures that i found rather hilarious. I’ll be doing up another post soon. For more of the Cowboy Henk comics you can google it!    

Friends & Family

Didn’t update for the past 2 days. Was kinda busy doing up my preparation for some “stuff”. When the time is right i will post about it and share it with you guys. Now ain’t a good time as everything is still under preparation. Met up with qimin before heading to play football with the […]

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page

Stating the obvious its thursday today , good news is its friday tomorrow!! definitely what many people are looking forward to right? haha.  Was about to head to bed but there came kirk talking to me on facebook which 80% leads to late night supper. Headed to kovan for “ponggol nasi lemak” . Its by […]

Conspiracy theory (new world order)

Back from my tattoo session! Feeling pretty much drained out , probably cause i lost too much blood in the process. hahahha. oh well. Before i head to bed , just one quick post. Something which i was looking at when i was at the tattoo shop and gabriel showed me this web. Basically this […]

Just saying…

22/02/12 I’m suppose to be doing some work but i have my tattoo session later on. i’ll upload pictures of it later in the night when i’m back. so for today i’ll just relax myself and work on things tomorrow. For almost the whole night yesterday i was playing this game called “Tripletown” recommended by […]